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Welcome to the exciting new website, with everything you need to teach History and Geography, Years 3 - 6.

120 quality lessons use guided inquiry and original stimulus resources, so students learn with purpose and depth.

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A Simple Approach

We want you to enjoy teaching.

Preparation time has been minimised by weaving all the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and state requirements into the lessons.

Cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities have also been thoroughly addressed.

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Guided inquiry

Choice and Challenge

Students love the lessons. They are surprised, challenged and asked to make choices.

Each unit has a key inquiry question from the curriculum. Students are presented with stimulus resources to spark interest, and then guided with the skills and concepts needed for the inquiry.

This is a big step forward for learning resources, helping students learn independently and with an open mind.


Teachers can adjust the depth of inquiry for the time available, student abilities, and interest in the topic. To make this easy, every activity in a lesson is categorised as green circle, blue square, or black diamond.

Green circle activities

Green circle activities are core activities. These activities are central to the focus question for the lesson and can be attempted by all students.

Blue square activities

Blue square activities take the thinking to the next level. These activities usually require more time and effort and possibly further research to be completed.

Black diamond activities

Black diamond activities are the most challenging questions that will require extended critical and creative thinking and independent research by the students.

Lessons have time estimates based on students completing green circle activities.

Hi, I'm Quisi

Something Special

Over time, Inquisitive becomes your own online AI Teaching Assistant.

It is personal to you and learns your classroom needs.

It finds resources, so you have an ever-fresh teaching program for your curriculum.

Hi, I'm Quisi

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