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Two Worlds



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Teaching Notes

Key Concepts, Skills and Understandings

In this lesson, students investigate the traditional customs and way of life of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the early 19th Century and the interaction they had with the early European settlers. They will develop their visible thinking skills through analysing and evaluating colonial paintings depicting the traditional life of Aboriginal Peoples. Using the 10x2 visual thinking strategy, students will need to be guided to look closely at detail and use appropriate vocabulary to describe what they see. They need to also be encouraged to infer meaning from the images through questioning eg is the fire deliberately lit? More information on Lycett’s paintings are available on the National Museum’s website (see supporting material). They will also view and analyse an episode of the Outback House which focuses on an Aboriginal perspective of life in colonial times. It is advised to introduce the eBook, Two Worlds as a whole class activity and to discuss the information and issues raised on each page. Students then use their own opinion to categorise the information into examples of positive or negative interaction between the early settlers and the Aboriginal people. When viewing Oscar’s sketchbook, ensure the students view all the information available on the interactive site including the letter and map. As a summative activity, students will develop their own questions and answers to role play. Students will need to be guided to create relevant questions their peers will be able to answer with reasonable confidence. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers and viewers are advised that the following resources may contain images and voices of people who have died.
Historical concepts addressed in this lesson are sources, continuity and change, perspective, cause and effect and empathy.

Focus Question

What was life like for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Australian Colonies?

Australian National Curriculum


NSW Syllabus

HT3-2, HT3-1, HT3-5

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5 - 6


The Australian Colonies


Life and Land

Lesson Name

Two Worlds

Lesson Time

120 mins


Inquisitive Team

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